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“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

— Albert Einstein

We spent the last two years researching why it is difficult for sustainable consumers to trigger systematic change at a larger scale. New sustainable stores are popping up every week, and we have millions of sustainable product options. So, where is everything going wrong?

We realized that they do not factor you, the consumer, into the system in an actionable manner. Instead, they push products and information at you with no meaningful ways to act on that information.

The current retail paradigm has not meaningfully changed in centuries. Products are made, sold, and discarded. A circular supply chain removes the “discard” aspect and allows us to reuse products and materials indefinitely. Since consumers are responsible for the “discard” aspect, a true circular economy can never be accomplished without the active participation of the consumer.

Consumers want to become more active to change the system towards circularity. But they miss clear direction and orientation for their actions to achieve a meaningful contribution.


We are creating something that the sustainability-conscious generations (millennials and Gen-Z) have demanded for the last few years. We are also using data to convert the sustainability uninitiated mass consumer to follow a circular economy. In the process, we empower businesses with data and visibility to improve product and material flows, furthering their sustainability agendas.

Through The Reinvention Program you can return anything you buy from us for any reason, at any condition, on any date after purchase. We even collect salvageable materials such as broken glass and ceramics. As a reward for your participation in the program, we incentivise you with a buyback value that you can redeem on future purchases. Any product you return through The Restore Program is a product that would have otherwise become landfilled, incinerated or a mass polluter. 

You get commitment-free options you desire so you can shop without impacting the environment. We work with circular suppliers, so your returned items will have a new life through repair, reuse, or recycling.


A word from our founder.

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