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This year, the world will generate over two billion tonnes of waste.

By 2050, this number is expected to rise by another billion. Even as you read this, millions of tonnes of waste are being sent to landfill and dumped in the ocean.

So, do we all agree, it’s time to make a change?

Here at Kola Project, we believe that progress starts with knowledge. We need to educate ourselves about what’s destroying our planet. The cause of the global waste crisis can start from an action as trivial as throwing out a plastic bag, to something as significant as manufacturing operations.

Of course, we can’t fix everything, at least not yet. But surely, with a little effort, and a good dose of consideration, we can cut down what we as individuals or businesses throw out? And that will begin to make a difference. Because from baby steps, come giant strides.

We launched Kola Project in 2021. Our vision?
To address the cause of the waste crisis…
the ‘throw-away’ culture.

Our speciality here at Kola Project is creating products with waste designed out from the very start. Upholding sustainability, but never at the cost of quality.

We have a core set of goals that we’re setting out to achieve.

Firstly, we’re passionate about raising public awareness around the global throw-away culture. Secondly, we want to become the go-to source of education on how to curb waste-generating habits. And thirdly, we’re committing ourselves to offer sustainable alternatives to waste disposal. And this is where circular shopping comes in. Our core, specialised retail solution. A movement we have an avid desire to lead. And you can help.

Everyone has the power to make a difference, from individual households to product manufacturers. Together, we can instigate change.

We hope the products we sell here at Kola Project, and the resources we provide, will help you make a difference.

This could be the start of us taking that first step towards an environmentally ethical future.

A future where we join together to cut waste and make the most of the resources this beautiful planet has gifted us. Where we nurture what we have, for generations to come.

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