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Caring for Cotton Blankets

Jun 4, 2021 /

Care guides

Cotton blankets are so popular because they’re pretty easy to care for. Not only do they hold up well with regular washes, but they also maintain their like-new properties.

Follow these directions on how to take care of your prized cotton blankets, so they last for generations.

How to Wash Them

Good news; it’s generally safe to use hot/warm water to wash and sanitize cotton blankets. For routine washing, use cold water to keep colours vibrant and to prevent material from shrinking. High-Quality cotton blankets can be resilient to frequent washes if washed on cool cycles. Also, a quality cotton blanket can be used daily and would be considered a go-to blanket for spring and summer.

Few pro-tips:

Use lukewarm water (hot/warm) to get rid of stains. And cold water to protect your blanket from wear and tear.
Whether you use a front loading machine or a top-loading machine, always choose a machine large enough to hold the weight of a cotton blanket after it has absorbed twice its weight in water. Also, ensure the blanket is evenly distributed on both sides of the tub. If the blanket is placed in the tub unevenly, the spin cycle can be very rough on your machine and possibly damage your machine.
Ensure the size setting for the blanket is larger than anticipated. Choosing a larger setting will make sure the water completely covers your blanket in your washing machine. This gives the blanket the ability to manoeuvre while being washed. For larger sized blankets, this is even more important.
Use gentle detergents and fabric softeners to wash your blanket; also, pre-dilute them, so you’re not concentrating large amounts of detergents on one area of the blanket.
Tumble dry your cotton blanket on med/low settings and remove it from the machine as soon as the blankets are dry. Try not to let sit damp in the machine; always dry completely.

Pet Stains

If you have pets in your home, you’ve likely experienced pet stains. Depending on how bad the stain, there are a few courses of actions you can take:

Cotton is a natural fibre making it more absorbent than synthetic fibres. This makes liquid stains set in quicker, calling for immediate attention. For urine stains, soak in warm water and vinegar overnight or until the stain is removed. For a tougher stain, use enzymatic pet stain cleaners.

Storage and General Cleaning

Every once in a while, give your cotton blankets a good shake-down. Hold it from both sides and give it all you’ve got. Activating the fibres eliminates excess dust, leaving the blanket clean and protecting you from those pesky dust allergies.

When you don’t need them, make sure you store your cotton blankets in a breathable cotton storage bag or container. It’s essential you put it in a dark and dry place where there’s no risk of bugs or critters finding it and to prevent sun damage and mould.

A warm cotton blanket can last you for generations if you buy a high-quality one. They’re a perfect layer of protection for those cold winter months, pair with your down comforter or fleece blanket. It will surely become one of your favourite blankets because of its soft, durable material.


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