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Continous Consumption

Our customers are lifestyle leaders.


Lifestyle leaders buy with pride. They curate their world. No hauls, no halo- polishing, just this-is-me homes, cutting-edge wardrobes and under-the- radar brands that make friends ask: where can I get that?


Ditch throwaway culture, sure. Just don’t ask them to throw out the fun of their disposable income, or make them use a bamboo toothbrush. They’re tired of second- hand ideas and being guilt-tripped into buying once, well. Belongings express who they are. They want a way of buying into an ever-changing sense of self, without buying into the ugliness of consumerism. They need to become a “Kolaborator”.

In a world that tells us to want less, do less, be less, Kola Project says: choose more. More buying power. More buying better. More buying.

Because the more of us that lean into the circular economy, the easier it is to shop our way out of the waste crisis and into a new world order. All without opting out of those ever-changing lifestyles we love. Buying isn’t dirty. It’s just broken. So we reinvent it in a way that adds more to our lives instead of adding to landfill. Collaborating is the new consuming.


From daily essentials to luxury goods, consumption is firmly integrated into every aspect of our lives. Kolaborators are increasingly aware of the far reaching implications of how they shop, consume, and dispose of everyday items. They are modifying their consumption and have become more conscious about their use of consumer items – whilst pushing forward the rise of Kolaborative Consumerism.

Kola Project gets the circular economy rolling. Our digital platform connects customers and brands in a cycle of collaboration and recreation. Brands make their product truly circular while getting clued-up about consumer habits. Lifestyle leaders buy into beautiful belongings not for life, but for their lifestyle right now. Have it, love it, sell it back, buy more, ready for the next person to own it and make it their own in whatever form it takes next. More means more, means never ending up in landfill, and never-ending reinvention.

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