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    What is Kola Project?

    Kola Project is a retail shop that follows principles of the circular economy. Founded in 2021, Kola Project introduces a new way of shopping by combining seemingly paradoxical concepts of consumption and sustainability.


    Through its unique positioning between the primary and resale markets via Zero Day Program, the company is able to surface styles from the past, present and future, delivering unique and timeless products that will stay in use forever.

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    How does Kola Project work?

    We operate from the UK. We work with suppliers who follow a circular economy based business model. Many of our suppliers are based in the UK and Europe, as close geographical proximity is crucial for our unique reverse supply chain to work. The products sourced from our suppliers are listed for sale on our site hosted at www.kolaproject.com.

    Zero Day Program manages our reverse supply chain. It allows you to return used or damaged goods to us at any point after the original purchase date. We refurbish and resell products on the website. You can access them when available under the “Buy Reinvented” option.

    Products that are too damaged for repair and refurbishment are sent to recycling. Raw materials extracted through the recycling process are sent to original products designers and manufacturers, where they are reinvented into new products we sell.

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    What are the EU/UK marketplace laws?

    EU and UK marketplace laws require marketplaces such as Kola Project to be the “deemed supplier” when facilitating certain cross-border “business to consumer” (B2C) transactions of third-party sellers. Kola Project is classified as an undisclosed agency for VAT purposes in both the EU and UK since Kola Project acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. Kola Project is deemed the supplier of goods to the buyer and is responsible for collecting, reporting, and remitting VAT to the relevant tax authorities for all applicable purchases made by an EU or UK buyer. In addition, Kola Project is also responsible for facilitating purchases for non-VAT registered sellers and VAT-registered sellers under a “buy/sell” model.

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    Kola Project Account

    You need to be a registered customer to shop at Kola Project. As a part of our circular offering, you can use the account to track your purchased products and enroll them in the Zero Day Program when needed.

    Signing up is easy, and your details will be saved in your account for future purchases. You can also use your account to create returns and submit used products to the Zero Day Program.

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    Modifying or Cancelling Your Order

    You can only modify or cancel your order before it reaches the final stages of preparation for dispatch. Please contact us to cancel an order that was already placed. We will try our best to cancel the order; however, we cannot guarantee customer service will review your request before the order ships as our in-stock products are shipped within one business day.

    An item can be cancelled if it is on backorder. If you would like to cancel a backordered item, contact us with your order number and we’ll handle that for you.

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    Backorders are orders for items that are not in stock currently, but that are expected to be available for purchase at a later date. The estimated arrival date for the item will be displayed on the product page but is typically four weeks. If you submit a backorder, the item will be reserved for you and mailed out to you as soon as the shipment reaches our warehouse. You will not be billed for the item until it ships. We will send you an email when the item arrives as well as when the item ships out.

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    Payments and Invoices

    You can pay using the following payment methods:


    The value of your order will be charged to your account once the order has been dispatched. Most banks register the amount at the moment of purchase and take the payment at a later date.

    If you pay by PayPal or with a gift card, the amount will be charged at the time of purchase.

    You can shop with peace of mind because we make great efforts to ensure the security of your purchases and your information.

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    Order Emails

    After you place your order, you will receive emails about that order. Below are examples of the kinds of emails we might send:

    Order Confirmation – This email confirms that we have received your order. It includes your order number. Please keep this email for your records.

    Special note – When ordering a backorder item, your credit card is only charged when the item is shipped. When the item is available to ship, you will receive a separate shipment confirmation email. Please keep your order confirmation email for your records.

    Shipment Confirmation – This email confirms that your order, or part of your order, has shipped. It includes a tracking number, except when shipped by UPS. You may receive multiple emails, depending on the items you selected, or if you ordered multiple items and they were shipped separately.

    Return Confirmation and Credit – We will email you once your return has been received and processed.

    Post Interaction Email – Fifteen days after your order transaction, you will receive this email, which invites you back to the website to leave feedback regarding the products you purchased. This information can be helpful to other customers and is welcomed by our design team.

    Other. – There are a few other reasons you would receive an email, including difficulty processing your order, inability to ship to the address provided, issues with your credit card or cancellation of the order.

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    Shipping Methods

    Standard Delivery – Within 1 – 2 business days before the end of the day – Free

    Special home delivery for large volume with assembly – 9 – 10 working days – £14.99

    *Please, bear in mind delivery times are estimated.
    You will receive email and text message updates on the status of your order and delivery.

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    Item Availability

    In-Stock Items
    Most orders for items currently in stock begin the order process as soon as your online purchase is completed. Your in-stock item will be shipped once the item is located in stock, your payment is approved and the receiving addresses are verified. You will not be charged for any item until it is shipped to you.

    Back-Ordered or Pre-Ordered Items
    Backordered or preordered items are items that are not yet in stock, but available for advanced purchase on our site. Such an item will be processed for shipment once it is in stock. You will be notified of the status of your back-ordered item via email. You will not be charged for any item until it is shipped to you.

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    Tracking Your Order

    Tracking numbers are applied to orders once they are processed for pick-up by the shipping carrier. They are included in your shipping status email. However, it may take additional time before the package is checked into the carrier’s tracking system. That means even though your package has already shipped from our warehouse and is on its way to you, the carrier may not be able to provide any information about your package.

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    International Orders

    Currently, Kola Project is only available in the UK. Our stores follow a decentralized supply chain which is important for the circular shopping experience. International shipping can disrupt this process. However, the good news is we plan to expand to the rest of Europe soon.

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    Lost Orders

    If you have concerns regarding the whereabouts of your order, the first thing to do is consult our delivery guidelines (detailed above).


    If the estimated arrival date, based on the above guidelines, has elapsed, then depending on your chosen delivery method, we advise the following course of action: use UPS’ online tracking facility to ascertain the location of your parcel. If there’s a problem with delivery, it will be clearly stated on the site.


    If, however, you’re still unable to locate your goods, please contact us making sure to state your unique order number clearly and we will help you locate the package or explore other options.

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    Damaged Orders

    We want all of our orders to reach their destinations in perfect condition. If your order arrives damaged, please email photographs as soon as possible – including details of any leaks, breakages or signs that the outer parcel has been tampered with. Please retain the product and packaging until the issue has been resolved.


    Please send relevant images to help@kolaproject.com so we can arrange prompt dispatch of a duplicate item if necessary.

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    Incomplete Orders

    Our warehouse team are incredibly conscientious but occasionally mistakes do happen. If an item is missing (and you weren’t made aware of a stock shortage) or you’ve received something other than what you were expecting, please contact us with any issues as soon as possible; attaching photographs if relevant.


    For missing items, we will verify with the warehouse and arrange dispatch of the relevant product as quickly as we possibly can.


    If we’ve sent you a product in error, we ask that you contact us with a photograph showing what you’ve received (if possible) so we can make the appropriate arrangements.

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    Returns Policy

    If you’re not absolutely delighted with a Kola Project purchase, we make it easy for you to return it for free (no additional postage or insurance required). Go to our Returns Portal and submit a returns request. Returns request will generate a UPS return label which you can attach to the package to return it to us.


    We accept unused products with the receipt and original tags attached within 30 days of purchase. Refunds will be issued in the same tender as the purchase. Please note, processing of online returns may take up to five business days. Depending on your credit card company, the credit should appear on your statement within two billing cycles.


    For merchandise returned 30 days after the invoice date, a credit will be issued in the form of  the buyback value as a part of the Zero Day Program.


    To reduce waste, we do not include return labels by default. Please use the Returns Centre to request a return label. You can print it at home, or we can mail it to you. Attach the return label to your package and drop it off or arrange a collection with DHL. More instructions would be in your return confirmation email.

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    Returns Portal

    Returns Portal is accessible here.

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    Damaged Items Out of the 30-day Window

    Please contact us. Unfortunately, normal wear and tear would not warrant a free replacement or a full refund but if it is deemed a manufacturing defect or unreasonable damage, we will provide you with a solution.


    Any items damaged due to normal wear and tear will be a part of our Zero Day Program.

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    Exchanges & Price Adjustments

    We will make every effort to accommodate an exchange request. However, our ability to process is based on product availability, which is not always guaranteed. An exchange is processed like a return and reissued as a new order. You’ll receive a credit for the items you’re sending back and a separate charge for the exchange order placed.

    Price Adjustments – We are pleased to offer our customers a one-time price adjustment on the first markdown of full-price merchandise within 14 days of the original order dates.

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    Log-in Instructions

    To log in to your Account, click on the Log In link found in the upper right corner of the website. Enter your email address and password on the left side, and you will be taken to the My Account page. To sign out of your account click on the “Sign Out” link in the My Account dropdown. If you are a new customer and would like to create an account, click here.

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    Forgot Your Password?

    Click here to be directed to our “Log In” page and select the “Forgot Your Password” link which will take you to the reset password page, where you can simply enter your email address in the space provided and click the “Submit” button. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

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    Creating an Account

    Creating an account on Kola Project is easy. Simply, click the “Log In” dropdown and select the “Register” link in the upper right corner of the website, or when you place an order, you will be prompted to create an account with your name, email address and password. Alternatively, you can use social authentication to create an account using your google and facebook data.


    An account offers you a safe, easy and fast way to order. It also serves as a way to track your order and receive emails about your order. Accounts are also important for the Zero Day Program as they help you track and accept buyback values.

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    Managing Your Account

    It is easy to change your account information online, at any time. Simply click Log In to access your account and edit your personal information.

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    What are Points?

    Points are our free rewards points that are offered for your reinvented products. Points accumulate and never expire. You can redeem them for your future purchases.

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    How do I earn Points?

    Whenever you send us an item back via the Zero Day Program you get Points equal to the item’s buyback value.


    £1 = 100 Points so if your items buyback value is £60.50 you’ll get 6050 Points. We may offer bonus points events from time to time and in that circumstance the bonus points offer would apply. Separate terms and conditions will apply to each bonus points offer.

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    How do I redeem Points?

    Once you have logged into your online Kola Project account, you will be able to access available Points on your profile. During the checkout process, any available Points will be visible for you to apply to your order. You can use Points to fully or partially cover your order.

  • 04
    What happens to my Points if part of my order or the entire order is cancelled/returned?

    If an item from your order purchased with Points gets cancelled or returned, the used Points will be reimbursed back to your account to be used on a future order.

  • 05
    Can I transfer my Points to someone else?

    Not at the moment.

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    Contact Us

    We’d love to hear what you think. Send us a message.


    For technical problems with the website, questions about your online order, inquire about products or for customer service questions not addressed here, contact us at help@kolaproject.com

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