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A thorough understanding of the problem is a precursor to solving a problem. I started Kola Project in 2021 to understand the supply chain. I spent the first year of Kola Project working with different supply chain stakeholders – product designers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, waste management, and consumers (like you and me).
I already knew the supply chain was wasteful when I started Kola Project but what I learned through my research was much worse. The sheer amount of waste we generate creating and shipping even something as mundane as a pillowcase was utterly depressing. Adding to the already hopeless situation is what happens at the end of use for that pillowcase. Will it landfill? Incinerate? Or leak into the environment?
For the past two years, I have been studying the Circular Economy – the principles of removing waste from the system. I believe that Kola Project allows us to test the feasibility of a circular economy in practice. The goal is to use our findings to create tools for every business to be fully circular.


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