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How Can I Recycle My Old Office Furniture?

Oct 28, 2021
by Sarah Mac
Office furniture recycling

Just because you are upgrading your office furniture, doesn’t mean your existing furniture doesn’t have a future. It is vital that anything that can be recycled, repurposed or reused avoids landfill so that it doesn’t contribute to the 14 million tonnes of waste that fails to be recycled every year in the UK.

The thing with office furniture is that much of it is reusable and recyclable. It can fairly easily be sold on as second-hand furniture, and could be most welcome by start-ups watching their budgets. It could also be donated, perhaps to a charitable organisation.

Refurbishing office furniture is a relatively straightforward task so, even if your existing desks, chairs or storage solutions have seen better days, they could still prove useful with a little renovation. Failing all else, office furniture recycling is a viable option in most cases.

Keeping office furniture out of landfill reduces waste, maintains raw material resources, and lowers carbon emissions associated with the manufacture of new pieces. What’s more, for companies, it sends out a very important sustainability message, showing that the organisation is serious when it comes to preserving the environment and reducing waste.

How to go about office furniture recycling?

There are various ways in which you can approach office furniture recycling…

Sell or donate

If you longer need your office furniture or are replacing it, but it is still in fairly good condition, you will likely find many a keen audience for it. Why not advertise it on an online auction site, or on your local community Facebook page? Whether you are donating or selling, there will guaranteed be plenty of interest.

There are also companies about that specialise in purchasing second hand office furniture, so why not look some of those up and see what they’ll offer you?

You could also offer to donate the furniture to a charity. Another idea is to offer office furniture you’re done with to your staff. Perhaps they are working from home more now due to the pandemic, and would appreciate a proper desk and chair to work more comfortably, rather than sitting at their kitchen table.


If your office furniture isn’t quite up to standard and can’t be sold or donated as it is, you could look into refurbishing it.

Many desks, chairs and storage cabinets can be cleaned up and restored by repairing defects, replacing worn fittings and fabric, or refinishing. Start-ups are a keen audience for such office furniture, often prepared to roll their sleeves up and restore furniture if they can obtain it at a keen price, or even as a donation.


If the office furniture is beyond reuse or refurbishment, you may consider converting it into something else. Desks for example can be transformed into dining tables, storage units into children’s play dens, and components into artistic sculptures or lamps.

Creativity is key, but there are plenty of people out there who actually do this kind of thing for a living, who would be delighted to receive or even pay for your used office furniture.


Office furniture that is damaged beyond repair and doesn’t fit into any of the above categories can be sent to the appropriate recycling centre where it will be disassembled, separated into various materials such as plastics, metals and fabrics, and then suitable recycled.

Always think twice before throwing out your old office furniture

It really is so important to remember that just because you no longer have a use for your old office furniture, that doesn’t necessarily mean someone else won’t. Even the most severely damaged furniture can usually be repurposed or recycled. Always think twice before sending anything to landfill.

Consider circular shopping next time you purchase new office furniture

Kola Project was founded in response to the global waste crisis. It is the world’s first fully circular shopping experience, based on a return and reuse program.

When you buy from Kola Project’s range of high quality, sustainable household products, you can rest assured that what you’re buying has a future once you’re finished with it. Because as part of the program, whatever you buy can be returned for repair, recycling, refurbishment, recycling or composting, regardless of how long you’ve had it.

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