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Home decor, furniture, and… global warming?

This list doesn’t seem to go together, but all three topics are intertwined. We have deemed our furniture and home choices as important for years, and we have more recently realized how important our choices are for the planet as well.

Climate change is altering the world, and many want to lessen the impact but don’t know how.

The great news is that you can contribute to a positive environmental change, and it is as easy as starting with items in your home.

This way of living is called “circular shopping”, and it begins with modifying how you modify your home. Circular shopping is reusing, refurbishing, and recycling your products when you need a change instead of throwing them away. 50+ million pieces of homeware and furniture are discarded each year in the UK, and the process to make them is likewise intensive. Some companies are working to make their newly created pieces sustainable, but even so, their efforts will not be enough to make a quick impact. The scope is harrowing and shows that an immediate change is needed.

The perhaps more terrifying fact is that there are even fewer statistics regarding the discard of furniture and home goods.

Kola Project has taken this issue to heart and started the world’s first fully circular economy shopping experience for furniture and home goods.

Altering the climate narrative while still enjoying versatile self-expression is possible. It takes a little effort to make an impact, with a big emphasis on the word ‘little’.

Circular shopping meshes being kinder to the environment through reuse, but it doesn’t skimp on quality.High quality pieces are available within Kola’s model across the board. They combine a commitment to the environment without requiring a long term commitment to personal use. Instead, one person uses an item for a while, and then it moves on to someone else to enjoy for a time. No waste is created, but customers are able to be creative and make changes when they desire. Exchanged items go through a rigorous check for revitalization (upholstery, cleaning, etc.) to ensure that only the best items are recirculated.

Being kind to the planet and avoiding waste matters now more than ever.

During the 20th century, the earth’s temperature increased by nearly 2 degrees. Snowstorms, melting ice, earthquakes and other unpredictable weather patterns have become more common. Scientists project that the next century will witness a temperature increase of an additional 2-10 degrees. This should sound an alarm that action is needed now. If not, imagine what an additional 8 degrees of change could mean for the planet.

These temperature changes can be attributed to many circumstances, but it is likely that fashion and home goods waste has had a part to play. We are all responsible for making changes as individuals. Why not start by making an important impact through responsible consumption and circular shopping? Recycling tried and true favourite pieces for others to enjoy seems like a win for both the environment and creatives everywhere.

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