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Cookware | Vintage Steel

Made in Italy

Natural Materials
Renewable Energy

Volume: - 5.5L


  • Description

    Ingredients / Materials: - Stainless Steel | Brass

    Sambonet reinterprets today the charm of the cookwares that characterized the exceptional Italian cuisine of the world. Through a trendy and intentionally worn-out effect, the spirit of the Sixties comes to life again with the 1965 Vintage collection, aimed at those who love the style on their stovetops.

    • Cookware set includes Stockpot ø 20 cm, Saucepan ø 16, Saucepot ø 20 and ø 24, Lid ø 16, 20 and 24.
    • Entirely Made in Italy and inspired by the cookware of the past.
    • The eye-catching Vintage finish is the result of a special mechanical processing of surfaces.
    • Suitable for all types of cooking, including induction. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

    The spirit of the 1960s comes to life again with Sambonet's 1965 Vintage cookware collection, that units design, quality, technical presentation and a hint of nostalgia!

  • About the Designer

    Sambonet is an internationally famous manufacturer of cutlery and tableware, both in the more traditional and more modern experimental design styles. In 1932, Sambonet was the first company in Italy to build an industrial production plant capable of manufacturing both sterling silver and galvanic silverware. In 1938, it developed an innovative process for producing stainless steel flatware and developed a silver-plated steel manufacturing technique. In 1947, it started producing stainless steel knives and blades using its own technology.

    The collections are made from stainless steel, silver-plated stainless steel and nickel silver-plated. The company has always taken great care to preserve the elevated quality level of its products, safeguarding the quality and craftsman’s care of the details and maintaining a constant relationship between tradition and innovation.

    Some products, such as the fish kettle, the Center Line and the Elite trays of Linea 50, are world-renowned and, over the years, have helped to consolidate the image of the brand at an international level. They are today on show at the prestigious MoMA in New York.

  • Care Instruction
    • BEFORE EVERY USE: Wash in warm soapy water, rinse and dry.
    • PRECAUTIONS: Never place empty cookware on a heating element. Do not allow gas flames to go up the sides of the pan.
    • Heat the pan up gradually and reduce heat when water boils. The thermoradiant bottom will keep uniform temperature inside the pan.
    • When using salt, wait until the water is boiling to add it and allow it to completely dissolve. Salt deposited may react chemically and electrolytically causing pitting in the stainless steel.
    • CLEANING. When washing do not use detergents containing chlorine, for example, bleach, as they may corrode stainless steel.
    • Avoid strong hits and thermal shocks.
    • Do not cool it down suddenly.
    • Do not use salty foods or containing lemon, vinegar, tomatoes to store.
    • To remove halos due to overheating clean it with a specific stainless steel cleaner only.
    • To remove white chalk deposits in the cookware, boil water with vinegar, leave it until it gets cool and then wash it normally.
    • HANDLES: The brass handles provide high thermal conductivity (this material tends to warm more than steel) and therefore requires the use of potholders. Such as silver, brass is a noble material, therefore it is necessary to periodically clean the handles with specific products, to remove the dark patina due to surface oxidation.
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