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Cup | Circular Collection | Set of 2


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Circular Collection is a high-quality dinnerware collection made through a circular production process. A unique process in the world of ceramic production, we collect waste streams and re-use them for their unique qualities in our designs. We use the cut-off waste of the full coloured cups to make the speckled ones. This result is a vibrant speckled pattern colouring the white clay base. The cups are made for heavy use, and they are dishwasher safe.

Made in Portugal

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Design Story



Ceramic production goes hand in hand with waste. It’s a labour-intensive process, and failures can happen along the complete process. Lotte Douwes start with raw clay, which is fragile and can easily deform when wet. But raw clay is very easy to reclaim. It’s a matter of sorting, collecting, drying and mixing it into new clay.

Once raw clay is bisque fired, it’s still very fragile and porous, perfect to do another quality control, sand away unevenness and glaze. Once cracked, chipped, or damaged, it’s become useless. But not for Lotte Douwes. She uses bisque waste for its unique quality. It can leave beautiful structures and coloured speckles in clay and functions well as a grog (chamotte) after bisque comes to the high fire. 

At the highest temperature, colours become visible. Glaze starts to melt, and clay shrinks into its final shape. Once the kiln is cooled down, which usually takes two days, we can open it and do a quality check on all items. Especially when using porcelain, deformation is one of the main failures causing fallouts. But also pinholes in glaze surfaces, cracks or other damages can occur, making it impossible to sell or use. Especially at large production houses, this waste stream of high-fired clay is the end of the cycle. This is a problem, thinking about fast (‘cheap’) production producing about 50% of waste!

To come up with an alternative, Lotte Douwes has done research on how the high-fired waste stream can enrich new ceramic ware and become part of an endless production cycle. Through this research, she wants to contribute to a sustainable future and develop solutions for scarcity and reduction of mining resources. Read more about the research project Shadows of Light Lotte did in Jingdezhen, China, focussing on its famous unique super white clay. 

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