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Cushion Cover | Blue | Bali


Made in India

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  • Curator Notes

    Dimensions: - 50 × 50 cm

    Ingredients / Materials: - 100% Linen

    Bali has a beautiful ethnic design. Each cushion cover is hand-printed on 100% linen using traditional screen printing. The reverse side of the cushion cover is plain and no inner pads are included.
    Rama, the linen cushion cover is hand-printed on 100% linen. This linen cushion cover is made of special linen woven in the small cottage industry and then printed using traditional handicraft methods.
    Drop is handprinted and embroidered on linen. The combination of printing and embroidery gives the linen cushion an elegant character and is easy to combine with the rest of our collection. The reverse is plain.
    Amar is both handprinted and embroidered with a graphic design on linen. The combination of printing and embroidery gives the linen cushion an elegant character. The reverse is plain.
    Asha is made from 100% linen and hand-printed. This linen cushion cover is made of special linen that is woven in a small cottage industry. The linen is hand-printed using silk screens making each cushion cover unique. The reverse side of the cushion cover is plain.
    Gita has a floral pattern that is hand-printed and then embroidered. The print and embroidery are in Heaven Blue and Aqua giving the cushion a stylish character. The reverse is plain.
    Inner pads not included.
  • Additional Information
    Dimensions50 × 50 cm
    TypeBali ( L60 x W40 cm ), Amar ( L50 x W50 cm ), Rama ( L50 x W50 cm ), Drop ( L50 x W50 cm ), Drop ( L60 x W40 cm ), Asha ( L60 x W40 cm ), Gita ( L50 x W50 cm )
    Sustainability Values, , ,
  • Care Instruction

    Hand Printed Linen Cushion Covers
    Hand wash only, iron at medium temperature. Do not dry clean.

    Hand Embroidered Cushion Covers
    Dry clean only.

    Velvet Cushion Covers
    Dry clean only.

    Indoor/Outdoor Cushions
    Spot clean with a damp white cloth. Shake off excess water, thereafter air dry. When not in use keep in dry place. Avoid prolonged exposure to rain/moisture.

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    Design Story

    There is an essence of romance at the core of Chhatwal & Jonsson. Firmly rooted in two cultures, Sweden and India, the brand has a unique approach to creating an expression inspired by living between the two cultures.

    It initially began as a humble idea to combine the Scandinavian eye for design with Indian handicraft. It has blossomed into a recognized label with a presence in 25 countries.

    A Swedish brand created by Stig Jonsson and Geetali Chhatwal Jonsson aiming to grow step by step in true entrepreneurial fashion, always using their own map instead of travelling a path directed by others. These elements come together beautifully to evoke the vibrant textiles of Chhatwal & Jonsson.

    All products are handmade –

    We believe that handmade products are more beautiful and that there is no better way to express creativity. The joy to work with expert artisans is amazing, it makes our lives more fascinating. Our ambition is to collaborate with local artisans to support their skills.
    – Stig Jonsson and Geetali Chhatwal Jonsson
    In today’s hectic, technology-ridden world, they aim at creating thoughtful textiles. Sustainability has been defined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDG’s 2015. Their work with Traceable rugs is a step in this direction – All footprints in making their traceable rugs are certified. This means that each rug has a tracking number that tells us who, how and where the carpet is made. It is only through traceability that one can work in a socially and environmentally responsible way.
    The choice of the raw materials is crucial to Chhatwal & Jonsson. The source, life span, care and potential recyclability are kept in mind when choosing materials. Natural materials that are ethically sourced are their preferred choice:
    They work with skilled artisans using traditional and sustainable methods of production. They also have their own team on the ground along the entire production process to ensure that the standards of production are followed.
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