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Cushion| Jamakhan Cross

Inspired by ‘Jamakkalams’, the colourful graphic floor coverings from the southern Indian town of Bhavani, the JAMAKHAN CROSS handwoven cotton cushion is Tiipois contemporary take on the original and comes in navy and grey with a terracotta line. Woven from high-grade Erode cotton yarn then carefully hand-dyed the old-fashioned way, a handwoven cushion is long-lasting and fadeproof. Dry clean.

Handmade in India

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    Dimensions N/A
    Composition ,
    Origin India
  • End of Life

    This product is part of The Reinvention Program. That means you can send it back to us if you don’t want it anymore. Please go to your order history and submit a request. We will arrange a return for your product so it can have a second life, and you will be rewarded with a refund that you can redeem on your future orders.

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    Average £6.88 - £8.13
    Salvage £5.5 - £6.5
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Design Story

Tiipoi is a product design studio based between Bangalore and London. There is more to Indian design than just sticking an elephant on it, and Indian craft has more to offer than simply repeating the past. So by looking to find contemporary designers, Tiipoi is able to showcase modern Indian design.

India can seem a pretty chaotic place. But sitting there quietly are some incredible, super functional designs. The “designers” of these objects, if they can be found at all, aren’t celebrated in the same way as they are in other countries. Instead, design is seen as a by-product of living. This straightforward approach, emphasising quiet functionality, is what inspires and drives Tiipoi’s creative process. By partnering with local designers, Tiipoi manages to help create and distribute gorgeous and authentic pieces.

India is changing and shifting all the time. Tiipoi doesn’t want to tell nostalgic stories of its past but instead prefers to look at the present and highlight its role via contemporary design. 

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