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Cutlery | OX

Made in China


  • Description

    Ingredients / Materials: - Stainless steel | Titanium

    We use a lot of hours around the table where we enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner – and every time, we use cutlery. So why not do something extra with your cutlery? Long spoon - Ox is a beautiful, long, café-style tablespoon from House Doctor. The spoon is made of stainless steel and comes with a cover of titanium on the shaft. The dark design adds an edge and an eye-catching dimension to the table setting. Perfect for stirring a tall glass, for honey or jam. The spoon is dishwasher safe - Finish may vanish after numerous times in the dishwasher. Fork - Ox from House Doctor is a stunning fork made of stainless steel. The shaft is covered in titanium, which adds edge and character to the table setting. The fork is dishwasher safe - Finish may vanish after numerous times in the dishwasher. Knife - Ox is a beautiful knife from House Doctor, made of stainless steel with a nice, dark titanium cover on the shaft. The dark design adds an edge and an eye-catching dimension to your table setting. Perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The knife is dishwasher safe - Finish may vanish after numerous times in dishwasher. Cake Fork - Welcome your guests with an inviting cake table. The elegant cake fork, Ox, from House Doctor has a stylish yet simple look. The cake fork is made of stainless steel with a nice dark titanium cover. Create an exciting, eye-catching dimension on your table with this stunning, dark design. The fork is dishwasher safe - Finish may vanish after numerous times in dishwasher. Teaspoon - Ox is a beautiful tablespoon from House Doctor that is made of stainless steel and comes with a nice dark titanium cover on the shaft. Perfect for sweet deserts or as a cake spoon. The spoon is dishwasher safe - Finish may vanish after numerous times in the dishwasher.
  • About the Designer

    House Doctor combine the Scandinavian design with a cosy bohemian atmosphere. You will find materials, shades, and surfaces which will combine your décor with an aesthetic look and an atmosphere of harmony.


    All of the products are designed in-house and ooze of personality. House Doctor style is provocative, personal and informal. We believe that the time is right for mixing elements rather than trying to match them.

  • Care Instruction

    To care for your flatware, vigilance is required. Therefore, it is important to understand why your stainless steel flatware, which is rust and corrosion resistant, requires special care and then follow our guide to aid you in the process of caring for your flatware.

    Discoloration, Pitting, Spotting

    There are a number of foods that can damage your stainless steel flatware and cause discolouration, etching and pitting. These foods attack the stainless steel and can permanently damage the surface, dull the shine and make your flatware lose its lustre. Acidic foods and alkalines such as citrus, dairy enzymes, salad dressings, vinegar, salt mustard, mayonnaise and eggs can all wreak havoc on your flatware, so they must be removed promptly and with the proper soaking solutions.


    In the effort not to allow food to remain on the flatware for too long, make sure to rinse off food immediately after use by using a pre-rinse unit, sponge or rubber scraper. Never use metal scouring pads or other metal scrapers, as they can scratch up your flatware.

    Have the proper soaking solution set up in the ware washing station using a plastic or stainless steel container?

    Note: Avoid aluminium and copper containers as they react poorly with any pre-soak solution and can corrode your flatware.

    Make sure not to soak flatware with china or other types of metal. The pre-soak process should be between 10-20 minutes, and be sure never to leave flatware to soak overnight.

    Note: Don’t forget to change your pre-soak solution every few cycles, as dirty pre-soak solution is just an accumulation of chemicals and food residue that won’t do much to help clean your flatware.

    Washing and Drying

    After pre-soaking your flatware, load the dishwasher flatware cylinder with the handles of the spoons, the tines of the forks, and the blades of the knives down, and always wash vertically. Never overcrowd the washing baskets with flatware. By allowing adequate space between flatware during the wash cycle, you will get cleaner cutlery.

    Washing temperatures should be higher than 135-degrees as lower temperatures can attack metal. And rinsing temperatures should be performed in high temperatures of up to 180-degrees and then dried immediately. Drying promptly will decrease spotting, streaking, discolouration, and corrosion.

    Note: Take into consideration the type of detergent you choose. Certain detergents containing bleach or heavy chlorination can erode away the protective coating on your flatware. Avoid detergents with lemon or orange additives as they can cause corrosion of your stainless steel. Consult with the manufacturer of your restaurant flatware for the recommended detergents for cleaning your flatware.


    Flatware is best stored away from the cooking area in a dry place. Choose vertical flatware cylinders or horizontal cutlery bins with separate compartments to store types of flatware together and avoid mixing different types of metal together in one storage compartment.

    Tips for Refurbishing Flatware

    If your flatware is becoming tarnished or discoloured, you can resolve this in several ways. One way is to use a stainless steel cleaner and a rag and massage it into your flatware. Then, using another clean rag, wipe the cleaner off, much in the same way you would polish silver. This helps restore the shine and removes small scratches from the flatware.

    Another way is to use olive oil as an alternative to chemical cleaners. Apply the olive oil to the flatware, and then wipe off all the excess oil when you are done.

    Expiring Flatware

    The discolouration of flatware is not necessarily an indication that using the flatware is harmful to one’s health. However, it does leave a bad impression on your customers. If you find that your flatware does not look new enough to cycle through service, then you can reserve it for private use or give it away. Unlike glassware or dinnerware, flatware may not actually be damaged to the point of needing to be discarded even though it may look a bit discoloured.

  • End of Life

    Keeping our products off of landfills and incinerators is Kola Project’s main goal. As our consumers, we kindly request you help us as you play a key role in accomplishing this goal.

    If you do not want this item anymore, please log into your account and request a return. We accept items indefinitely, at all stages of life, and for any reason. Depending on the condition of the item, you may be eligible for a buyback value that you can redeem for future purchases. To find the exact buyback value of this item, please check your order history in your account.

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