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Grill Pan | Surface | Black

The Surface for Serax collection by master chef Sergio Herman from Zeeland features a sturdy and timeless look and an innovative design perfectly attuned to the present. The cast-iron cooking pots and pans, with their unyielding Camogreen or black glaze, are not only suitable for any heat source, but the collection is also very extensive. Every size has its own function, every detail adds value, and the look makes it complete!

Made in Belgium

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  • Additional Information
    Dimensions 46 × 26 × 4.2 cm
    Origin China
  • End of Life

    This product is part of The Reinvention Program. That means you can send it back to us if you don’t want it anymore. Please go to your order history and submit a request. We will arrange a return for your product so it can have a second life, and you will be rewarded with a refund that you can redeem on your future orders.

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Design Story

Five questions for world-class chef Sergio Herman 1. Are you a city person or a nature person?

Sergio Herman

“Actually both….I need both to function optimally. I love the stimuli of a city like Tokyo and the tranquillity of the sea.” 2. What makes you intensely happy? “Good food. For me, the ultimate form of joy is being with family and friends at the table with good food…. From simple to high end.”

3. Do you have a”bad” habit that is hard to shake? “My perfectionist side. Sometimes I get tired of it myself, but it is stronger than myself. I always want to be aware of every detail.” 4. Which movie/book/play/performance has touched you most recently? “A beautiful art performance by Antony Gormley in London… It was a true experience through every space where all your senses were stimulated.”

5. What is always on your bedside table? “Magazines that I want to read, but that always stay untouched because I fall asleep too quickly.”

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