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Teapot | Mu

Made in Taiwan 

Volume: - 650 ML

  • Description

    Ingredients / Materials: - Porcelain | 18-8 Stainless steel

    A beautiful and elegant Teapot part of the MU range. Crafted from porcelain and stainless steel. MU teapot is designed for oriental tea, the round shape of the teapot symbolizes the good fortune of life. The tree-branch-like spout stops the water smoothly. Oriental tea cups and double-wall tea cups are provided for choice.
  • About the Designer

    TOAST was born in the summer of 2007. Their design ideas all come from observations in daily life. Focusing on the practical aspects and the essential elements of objects, they create great experiences and lots of fun for their users. In all TOAST products, they keep seeking the spirit of fineness and balance, just like the meaning of Chinese words ”jun”: a condition of mellowness and elegance. On ordinary days, TOAST hopes to inspire people’s lives with their mellow & elegant products. 

    They have won many design awards including the prestigious Golden Pin design award and the IF product design award and their clients include Starbucks. The creators of the brand Owen Chuang and Cloud Lu have” focused on graphic design at the beginning. By exploring any possible connections between the human and design elements through a variety of intermediate materials, they have successfully developed their own unique design style and perspective. They have always insisted on fusing “Life and Emotion” in their creations, and regard this idea as the origin of all their art projects – that is, by blending life into their design work, the design itself will prove capable of touching people more deeply. 

    Their MU collection gives a very good representation of their design principles. MU collections combine wood and porcelain crafts to show the esthetics of the craftsmen who create them. This series is simple and sophisticated. Made for daily use with 100% porcelain. When using it, they can bring a smooth and warm feeling from the texture of the surface. People will have a brand new experience from hand touch and a warm feeling with the MU series. 

  • Care Instruction
      • Dinnerware should not rub against each other in the dishwasher, so make sure there’s enough space between each item.
      • The dishwasher base should not have any broken shards of glass or other items that might vibrate and scratch the glaze.
      • Hard water damages fine crockery and thus should be softened before every dishwasher cycle.
      • To store your dinnerware, place micro-foam pads, paper napkins, or paper towels between each item in the stack. This is because the base rim is not glazed and may scratch the other plates or bowls.
      • Glazed dinnerware items should not be stored where there are rapid temperature changes, like near the window or above the stove. This causes the glaze to crack.
      • Cups should not be stacked as the rims might get damaged. Instead, hand them by their handles or arrange them linearly.
      • When placing dinnerware items in the sink, lay a dish towel or drying rack to avoid clinking and breakage.


  • End of Life

    Keeping our products off of landfills and incinerators is Kola Project’s main goal. As our consumers, we kindly request you help us as you play a key role in accomplishing this goal.

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