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Plate | Banteay | Medium

Handmade in Spain

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  • Curator Notes

    Dimensions: - 21 × 21 cm

    Ingredients / Materials: - Stoneware ceramic

    The Banteay plate can help to dress the perfect table and enhance your best recipes. Inspired by the Historic Cambodian Banteay Temple.

  • Additional Information
    Dimensions21 × 21 cm
    Sustainability Values, , ,
  • Care Instruction

    Dishwasher safe. Handwash Recommended.

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    Design Story

    After working closely with artists in Europe until 2007, Marie Martin combined her family’s move to China to pursue her own calling: ceramic. Marie’s journey started in a local studio among Chinese philosophical conversations and methodic learning.

    The craftsmanship she discovered on her travels around Asia, from textile to religious objects, were vital inspiration alongside the cultures themselves. Witnessing people make time for what matters most to them – celebrating deities, caring for elders – convinced Marie of the importance of the creation process, as much as the finished product.

    Marie’s early days of Chinese-inspired ceramic making were built upon and enriched in San Francisco, where material exploration and self-expression prevailed. At the same time, Marie’s family moves into a beautiful house, and she is asked to take care of the indoor plants that are part of it. She discovered a natural source of well being for her and the whole family, in addition to an excellent interior design.

    Atelier Martin’s birth is the story of these strands coming together, forming in a decorative yet functional collection, an oasis for the overstimulated senses, a celebration of ethnic design fused with understated simplicity.

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