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Ring | Reindeer Moss

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  • Curator Notes

    Dimensions: - 86 × 86 × 3 cm | 52 × 52 × 3 cm | 52 × 52 cm

    Ring is a visual and acoustic element suspended within an interior space. It’s a play between a full-bodied element and a hollow one – fullness and lightness – both framed within the same outer rim.   Constructed of aluminium, Ring hangs from the ceiling and can be placed above tables or in large open spaces, such as corporate lobbies. It can hang alone or as part of a series.    
  • Additional Information
    Sustainability Values, , , ,
    SizeLarge, Small
    ColourApple, Burgundy, Erica, Fuchsia, Green Grass, Light Grass, Medium, Mentha, Natural, Orange, Pacific, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Yellow
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Design Story

Connected to the ceiling

There are a number of different variations possibilities of the Ring design which allow you to develop contrasting elements when ordered as a group. The moss-covered circles help to absorb ambient noise thereby reducing the overall sound of an interior. This contributes to a more peaceful and calm atmosphere.

Absorbing ambient noise from above

Placed in a noisy environment, Greenmood products help to smooth ambient noise and reduce overall sound in an interior to acceptable decibel levels. Naturally preserved mosses provide undeniable sound-reducing qualities which were tested by a certified laboratory in Belgium.

The study shown here was conducted in a laboratory setting; the result displays the mosses’ undeniable noise reduction capability. The tests were conducted in accordance with the ISO 11654:1997 standard (laboratory-based sound absorption coefficient measurements using 10m² for each moss).
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