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Utensils | Enamel


  • Description

    Dimensions: - 35.5 × 7.5 cm

    Ingredients / Materials: - Enamel

    Our range of Enamel Utensils, available in the iconic ice-white colour, is great for portioning a pie, dishing up homemade puddings or serving gravy.
  • About the Designer

    Be Home story begins in 2005 when Jonathan Hankar left Belgium and went to California to work for a home decor company. A year later, he is surprised to only find machine-made home interior products. Jonathan decided to found Be Home with the goal of offering unique, handmade and sustainable products. All of their products are handcrafted by expert craftsmen, which means each one is distinctive, unique, and exclusive.

    After nearly 15 years of continued growth and success in North America, Be Home was launched in Europe in January 2019 with Gregory Hankar at its helm. Introducing Be Home in Europe has been their long-time goal and they are delighted with this collaboration between brothers.

    Be Home is the culmination of two main influences. The first is the entrepreneur’s maternal grandmother who shared with them her love of flea markets & knowledge of antiques. The second is their paternal grandfather – a great entrepreneur- who always encouraged them to “dare to start something new”. They both will remain a wonderful source of inspiration.

  • Care Instruction

    High-quality enamel kitchenware is known for its durability and ease of cleaning. In this quick guide, we’re going to give you a couple of tips on how you can maintain your enamel kitchenware and keep it looking as-new all the time, no matter how many times you use it.

    You can use a dishwasher, but make sure you scrub off stubborn stains first…

    Enamel kitchenware can safely be washed in your dishwasher. However, you’ll need to use a scratch-proof sponge or brush before you place them in to help scrub off stubborn stains and food. This won’t take long and it just needs a quick brush to loosen up anything that’s been caked in. You’ll want to do this shortly after you’re done with the dishes so that the stains haven’t dried on your enamelware yet.

    Baking soda is still the magic ingredient to remove caked-on stains

    Baking soda is the magical ingredient that everyone uses to clean. Firstly, you can turn it into a paste with a little bit of water. Mix around ½ cup of baking soda with a few tablespoons of water, adjusting the ratio as you need. You want it to become a paste that’s not too thick or runny. It should ideally stick to the stains that you’re cleaning, so use that as a rough way to measure how thick you need it. Next, spread the paste onto the stain and allow it to dry. This won’t take long and you can clean several enamel kitchenware pieces at the same time.

    Once dry, spray it with vinegar to cause it to sizzle and foam up. Then use a sponge on the stain to scrub it away until it comes off completely. Give it a wash with water once you’re done and allow it to dry. You can use this method to clean a lot of things, but it’s effective on an enamel kitchen because it’s abrasive enough to remove stains, but not enough to damage your kitchenware.

    Scrape off stains with a wooden tool

    Either use a wooden scraper tool or the back of a spoon to get stubborn stains off. A flat edge will make things much easier especially if the stains aren’t budging. You can use this together with a baking soda paste to help get the stains off even quicker. Make sure you don’t use a metal spoon because it could damage the enamel!

    Lemon juice and salt scrub for stubborn stains

    A mixture of lemon juice and salt can work wonders on enamelware. Sprinkle salt onto the stain, making sure there’s enough to cover it. Cut a lemon and squeeze the juice over the salt and let it soak into the stain. It should turn into a paste that you can use to scrub against the stain with a sponge. The stain should slowly start to lift off the enamel, and you can then wash it off rinse the salt and lemon juice off. Use warm water and rinse it thoroughly while wiping away any residue with a clean cloth. Finally, allow it to air dry or wipe it clean with a dry towel.

    General enamelware care tips

    Ensure that you keep your enamel kitchenware as clean as possible at all times. For instance, if you plan to bake with an enamel pie set, then you’ll want to spray a light mist of oil in the tins before you use them. This will help to reduce sticking and can make cleaning up afterwards a lot easier.

    Another good tip is to never use abrasive cleaners. This means you shouldn’t use any rough scrubbers and you definitely shouldn’t use steel wool. These abrasive sponges can easily damage your enamel kitchenware!

    Lastly, try and adjust the heat of your enamel carefully if you’re using it to bake. Warm it gradually and make sure you cool it down slowly too. Start with a lower heat, allow the enamel to heat up, then slowly increase it to your desired heat level. Allow it to sit in your oven after use and let it cool down slowly instead of running cold water over it immediately. This will help prevent your enamel kitchenware from warping.

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