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Vase | Bolle | Taupe | Transparent

Made in Italy

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  • Curator Notes

    Dimensions: - 16 × 16 × 18 cm | 15 × 15 × 31 cm

    Ingredients / Materials: - Recycled coated glass

    Narrow-necked vase with an attractive surface covered in decorative bubbles. Also available in a matt version. Calligaris enhances its offering with new decorative household accessories made from entirely recycled coated glass, thus harmoniously marrying respect for the environment and refined interior décor.
  • Additional Information
    ColourSmoked, Taupe, Taupe (Transparent)
    SizeLarge, Small
    Sustainability Values, ,
  • Care Instruction

    Whether you keep them lined up empty on a shelf or filled with fresh flowers, leaves, twigs or anything else that takes your fancy, glass decor can provide eye-catching decorative elements in any room. Condition is key to visual appeal, and cloudiness – a common problem in old glass – can mar its appeal. So what is the best way to treat and prevent it? We explain all…

    You Will Need –
    A plastic washing-up bowl
    Lukewarm water
    Washing-up detergent
    Cotton wool pads
    A bottle brush or artist’s bristle brush
    Soft sponge
    Paper kitchen towel
    Microfibre clot
    Denture tablet

    • Using a plastic bowl rather than the sink (in case you knock the vase and chip it), fill it with lukewarm water and a drop of detergent per litre. Ensure the water isn’t too hot: glass is extremely susceptible to sudden changes in temperature and can shatter or crack if exposed to extremely hot (or cold) water. Avoid using the dishwasher to wash old or fragile glass – the heat and abrasive detergents will damage the surface and turn glass cloudy.
    • Dip one object at a time into the lukewarm water, then wipe the surface gently with cotton wool pads to remove any grime or dirt, using a long-handled artist’s brush or a bottle brush for narrow areas. If the vase is gilded or enamelled, use a soft sponge, minimal water, and avoid rubbing in case any of the beautiful decoration wears away.
    • Rinse thoroughly in a bowl of clean water or, if you prefer, use damp cotton wool pads.
    • Blot dry using a paper kitchen towel or microfibre cloth and, provided the vase is reasonably stable, leave it upside down to dry.
    • Hard water contains mineral deposits that can calcify on the surface when left in contact with the glass for long periods and is the most common cause of cloudiness. To remove, try filling the vase with vinegar and leaving for several hours or even overnight, then wash, rinse and dry. If stains persist and the glass is robust, you can try soaking with a denture tablet. To avoid this type of damage, don’t leave vases filled with water for long periods – clean them thoroughly after use and allow them to rest before refilling.
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    Design Story

    At Calligaris, they believe that furniture should be as functional as it is elegant and believe that innovative design should be engineered to offer real-life solutions and essential comfort. And even after 100 years of experience in the industry, they continue to experiment with materials and finishes.

    Calligaris was born in 1923 in Manzano as a small craft workshop founded by Antonio Calligaris for the production of the Marocca Chair that was characterized by a wooden frame and straw seat, a typical artefact of the area.

    When it comes to contemporary design for real life, Calligaris is where you’ll always feel at home.

    Inspired by innovation, they are passionate about problem-solving design. And true to the belief that all design should be defined by both purpose and pleasure they are determined to use sustainable design to restore and preserve the beauty of our natural environment. In line with the 2021 vision – they are currently being certified according to ISO 14001 company – and have made the eco-friendly design more than a best practice goal: it is the driving force behind every aspect of the production.

    After all, the ability to embrace change is perhaps the most enduring characteristic of the Calligaris brand.

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