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Vase | Green | Recycled

Made in Tanzania

Non-virgin Materials
Circular Economy
Renewable Energy
Better Supply Chains
Community Support
  • Description

    Dimensions: - 7 × 7 × 18 cm

    Ingredients / Materials: - post-consumer recycled Glass

    The Bottle Vase is made from recycled wine bottles. This glassware does not only perfectly present flowers it is also eco-friendly and socially responsible. Upcycled glass from empty wine bottles is used for the whole glassware collection, including drinking glasses, carafes and vases. The wine bottles are a waste product from Zanzibar’s tourism industry. From harvesting until the end product, the entire process is executed by hand and with the support of simple traditional tools. Multiple people have to be involved, which means more jobs and income for the rural communities.


    Around 300.000 wine bottles per year are saved from being discarded on landfills

  • About the Designer

    Original Home wants to eliminate all adverse impacts an interior design brand can have on this planet and turn it into something positive. They combine eco-friendly products and a low impact production process with ethical & social responsibility.

    As a climate-neutral company, all their emissions – from transportation to energy usage – are compensated by the FairClimateFund that invests back in fair trade cooking solutions in developing countries and replanting trees.

    Nature is at the origin of Original Home, and they solely use quickly renewable plants or waste materials (no plastic!) for their designs. During the production process, water, energy, CO2, chemicals, and toxins are reduced, kept to a minimum, or entirely avoided. The central part of the production process is executed by hand, from harvesting raw materials to crafting the end product. Raw materials are all locally available, and by keeping the natural looks of the materials, little processing is needed.

  • Care Instruction

    Most glassware items are made with silicon-based materials and are known to be dishwasher safe. The exception here is blown glass items. These are too fragile and must be hand washed. To dry glassware, you want to let them drain all the excess water and then air dry. If the glassware items are printed, then they should be hand-washed unless specified. Like the Summer Story Glass set, it is durable, beautiful, and dishwasher safe.

  • End of Life

    Keeping our products off of landfills and incinerators is Kola Project’s main goal. As our consumers, we kindly request you help us as you play a key role in accomplishing this goal.

    If you do not want this item anymore, please log into your account and request a return. We accept items indefinitely, at all stages of life, and for any reason. Depending on the condition of the item, you may be eligible for a buyback value that you can redeem for future purchases. To find the exact buyback value of this item, please check your order history in your account.

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