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Mirror | Wall | Clear

Made in India

  • Curator Notes

    Dimensions: - 110 × 1 cm | 80 × 1 cm

    Ingredients / Materials: - Mirror | MDF

    A mirror has many good qualities. It will give ya home a stylish expression while also making a room seem bigger. Walls from House Doctor is a wonderful, classic mirror with a nice, round shape. Hang the mirror in the hallway or use it as a nice detail on a wall in ya living room. This mirror will add style and depth to any room. This mirror is not suitable for wet rooms.
  • Additional Information
    Dimensions1 cm
  • Care Instruction

    It may seem like a simple task, but it’s important to have the right tools ready when cleaning a mirror to make sure you know how to clean a mirror streak-free. Having everything in one place means you won’t be rushing around throughout the task, leaving yourself with the risk of water drying and leaving marks and having to start the whole process again.

    Firstly, you will need a cleaning solution. Then, you need to gather tools such as a microfiber cloth and squeegee. A microfiber cloth is best as opposed to regular cleaning cloths as they will not leave any fibres on the mirror; if you do not have one, a kitchen towel will do.


    Clean Using Water

    It’s a common question, how to clean a mirror with just water. To achieve the best results, we always recommend a cleaning solution, but this isn’t always at hand. Dip your microfiber cloth in warm water and wring it out, so it is just slightly damp. Use circular motions to wipe the glass down. Remove excess water using a dry, clean cloth to prevent streaks and watermarks.


    Clean Using Wash Up Liquid

    If your mirror has oily or greasy marks, such as fingerprints or hairspray residue, you will need something a little stronger than just warm water. Dilute a small amount of Wash Up liquid in warm water and use a sponge to apply. Always use circular motions; this ensures these greasy spots aren’t smeared across your mirror.


    Clean Using Commercial Glass Cleaners

    If your mirror is particularly stained, you may have to reach for the commercial cleaner. Mix as per the instructions on the bottle and use a spray bottle to apply. Wipe with a sponge in circular motions and regularly rinse to remove dirt. Use a squeegee to remove water and dry with a clean cloth.


    Clean Using Homemade Mirror Cleaner

    Homemade cleaners can be just as effective and also help you reach your green cleaning goals. Mix well one part vinegar with one part water and use a clean spray bottle to apply to the mirror. Use your microfibre cloth to clean in the same manner as before, circular motions, and dry with cloth. If you don’t have a spray bottle handy, apply this with a sponge but be careful not to oversoak.


    Cleaning A Hazy Mirror

    Over time, some mirrors, especially vintage and antique ones, can become hazy. If possible, remove the mirror from the wall and work on a flat surface. There will be years of dirt build-up on a hazy mirror, and this needs to be removed first. Take some rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad and scrub across the glass. Take your chosen glass cleaners and spray a light mist over the mirror and work in using your microfibre cloth working around the edges; you’ll need to use some elbow grease for this bit. Work your way across the mirror from top to bottom using ‘Z’ patterns, repeat until your mirror is shining like the day it was made.

    If your mirror is particularly bad, you can use shaving cream on a microfibre cloth. Rub this over the mirror and rinse, then follow the steps with your glass cleaner.


    Top Tips

    Never use a multipurpose cleaner for your mirror or anything that isn’t intended for glass, such as furniture polish. These leave a residue that will cloud your mirror over time.

    Using a squeegee is effective, especially when dealing with tall mirrors. Use an extendable squeegee, and make sure you have a cloth or towel at hand to dry it between wipes.

    When you have finished cleaning your mirror, make sure you view it from as many different angles as possible, this will highlight any missed areas with streaks.

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    Design Story

    Society of Lifestyle was founded by the three siblings Gitte Juhl Capel, Rikke Juhl Jensen and Klaus Juhl Pedersen in 2001 under the name House Doctor.

    Society of Lifestyle is an inspiring lifestyle universe with five unique and diverse brands: House Doctor, Nicolas Vahé, byNORD, Meraki and Monograph. While each brand has its own range and identity, Society of Lifestyle represents a complete lifestyle concept. A concept based on modern aesthetics and distinct designs.

    It is a family-owned, multi-brand company devoted to creating elegantly designed products and incorporating current consumer trends. Innovation and creativity run through its DNA.

    Projects by Society of Lifestyle

    Society of Lifestyle stands with Kenya Book Box by donating funds collected by our employees and by providing school supplies from Monograph.

    Society of Lifestyle supports Grow for It– a Danish non-profit organisation with a mission to clean up the earth’s atmosphere by planting trees.

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