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Waste Basket | Recycled Newspaper

Made in India/Sri Lanka
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  • Description

    Dimensions: - 20 × 18 cm

    Ingredients / Materials: - Recycled newspaper

    Made from 100% recycled newspaper, our beautifully colourful waste paper baskets add a touch of rustic elegance to any room. Ideal as they are or as storage baskets, they will make sure that even getting rid of rubbish will look good. Handmade from eco-friendly recycled newspaper, our baskets also help to reduce the amount of unwanted global waste and cut down on the usage of unsustainable sources so that each basket that you buy not only looks good but does good too.
  • About the Designer

    In 1998, Paperhigh founders Mark and Claire set off on a year-long round-the-world trip ‐ three years later they were still having an incredible time and heading for a life-changing experience. An unexpected change in destination, an extended stay in Kathmandu and a chance meeting with a papermaker making beautiful products sowed the seed of an exciting business idea.

    They returned from their trip with two boxes of handmade journals and photo albums ‐ the start of the Paper High empire! They set up a stall at Camden Market and tried and tested products, gaining a valuable understanding of their customers along the way. They found that people loved the unique quality of their handmade books so much and the business has grown from there.

    Further travels have led to them finding more great Fair Trade suppliers in India, Nepal and in Sri Lanka too, including their elephant dung paper producer!

  • End of Life

    Keeping our products off of landfills and incinerators is Kola Project’s main goal. As our consumers, we kindly request you help us as you play a key role in accomplishing this goal.

    If you do not want this item anymore, please log into your account and request a return. We accept items indefinitely, at all stages of life, and for any reason. Depending on the condition of the item, you may be eligible for a buyback value that you can redeem for future purchases. To find the exact buyback value of this item, please check your order history in your account.

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