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Restore Program

With the Restore Program you can send anything you bought from Kola Project back to us FOR FREE when you don’t want it anymore.

We will process the item and either resell or recycle it. As a thank you for returning your used Kola Project items we will reward you with Kola Points.

Hundred Kola Points equal one British Pound. You can use Kola Points to cover your future purchases.

Restore Value

Every Kola Project product shows a restore value on the product page. This value is calculated for items returned within one year in like-new condition.

For example, if you returned the Nori King Bed after one year of use in excellent condition you will get 2,124,00 Kola Points back. You can use them to get a £2,124 discount on your next purchase.

How It Works



Why offer the Restore Program?

With the Restore Program, we offer a service that extends the life of our products .

After several years, it is possible that you no longer have the use of our products although they remain perfectly usable. Reselling products is not easy, and we certainly don’t want our products to visit landfills. As we design each product with durable and resistant materials, we are able to refurbish them and give them a second life .

Restore Program stems from our circular approach to design which involves taking into account the entire life cycle of our products.

What do we do with the recovered products?

Kola Project repairs and refurbishes items that are still reusable but have suffered minor damages.

Kola Project recycles products that have completely broken down. Through recycling, we are able to extract the original raw materials that created these products and use them to create new products. Recycling is the last step our products go through during the circular process.

Although recycling can be emissions and energy-intensive, it still helps us not exploit virgin raw material resources on earth unnecessarily.


Help us make the Restore Program better!

The Restore Program is a new initiative that will need to evolve and improve over the months.

Do not hesitate to write to us at to share your suggestions and ideas for improvements. It will be a pleasure to hear from you!


  • 01
    Which Kola Project products are eligible for the Restore Program?

    Every item we sell at Kola Project is eligible for the Restore Program – even the items that are no longer being sold – with a few exceptions.

    The exceptions are –

    • Consumable products (compostables, cleaning products, certain stationary such as pencils and erasers)
    • Items with lithium ion batteries (we will provide separate instructions for end-of-life)


  • 02
    What are the Restore Program conditions?

    To participate in the Restore Program, you must meet a few conditions:

    • Return an eligible product
    • Live in the UK
    • Have purchased your products on


    If you do not meet these conditions, do not hesitate to write to us at We will try to find a solution together.

  • 03
    I am a professional and I would like to take part in the Restore Program, what should I do?

    For the moment, the Restore Program is intended for individuals who have purchased items on However, you can write to us at We will try to find a solution together!

    The Restore Program is a new initiative that will evolve over the months and we gradually want to expand it to more customers and countries.

  • 04
    How does the program work?

    It is very simple !

    You fill out the Restore Program form on this page or via your order history. Once we have verified your eligibility we will organize (free of charge) the return of your old products. Once the return is processed we will add points to your account that you can redeem on your next purchase.

    We take care of refurbishing your old products in order to put them back into circulation.

  • 05
    How do I return my used items?

    After completing the Restore Program form, Kola Project team will send you a return slip to print and attach to your package. You then drop it off at a DHL relay point or organize a collection. You don’t have to pay anything.

    To return your items to us, you can use the packaging of your choice (cardboard, a bag, paper wrap, etc.). You can also request packing materials through the Restore Program form if needed.

    If you live in London, you can also choose to drop off your products directly at the Kola Project loft located in 36 Royal Crescent Mews W11 4SY .

  • 06
    What is the my reward for participating in the Restore Program?

    Your reward is presented as Kola Points. 100 Kola Points equal 1 GBP. If you items restore value is £50 GBP, you will receive 5000 Kola Points. These points are redeemable for £50 off of your next Kola Project purchase.

  • 07
    How do I use my Kola points?

    You accumulated points will appear in your cart during checkout. You can decide how many (if any) points to add to your order.



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