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The Bin


It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superbin!


What Is The Bin?

You can use the Bin to collect and store any items you have purchased from Kola Project that break or deteriorate. Once full, you can arrange a return to send your Bin back to us. When we receive your box, we’ll safely upcycle the collected materials.

What Happens To The Collected Materials?

The collected waste is mechanically or manually separated. Metals are melted to be recycled. Glass and ceramic can be up-cycled into other products or recycled to create new products. The fibre (paper, fabric, wood) is up-cycled or recycled. The plastics undergo extrusion and pelletisation to be moulded into new recycled plastic products (plastic and fibre bins are not currently available).


Best Practices

Please rinse and dry any broken item pieces before placing them in The Bin.
i.e. if you break a glass item, wear safety gloves and collect all the large to medium pieces. If the pieces contain any organic materials, such as food, place them in a bowl of water and rinse until the material comes off. Then place the glass items on a flat surface or a plate until they are thoroughly dry. Then you can add them to your Bin.
Organic materials can contain harmful contaminants and pose a hazardous risk to our treatment facility team. Therefore, your corporation is much appreciated.

Items that should NOT go in The Bin

We want The Bin to scale and improve so no broken item ever goes to waste. If The Bin poses a health and safety risk to us, we may be unable to continue it. So please be mindful not to place any hazardous items in it.
Organic waste.
Electronic Appliances.
Explosives, fireworks, and ammunition
Compressed, flammable, or toxic items
Corrosives and oxidisers
Radioactive materials
Aerosols (even if nozzles are protected)
Lithium Batteries


The Bin Incentive

The Bin is part of our Zero Day Zero Waste program. For every item in your bin that we process, you get 5% of the original item price refunded as points. You can use the points to pay for new products.



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