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The Sustainable Guide to Modern Living Room Décor Ideas

May 6, 2021 /

Circular shopping

Decorating your home is a refreshing feeling, and there are so many appealing and inspirational living room décor styles now that you can really indulge yourself in. But if you’re the type of person who is mindful of the health of the planet, and sustainability ranks importantly in the way you live your life, then you’re naturally going to want to find ways to revitalise your interior décor that sit well with your ethics.


With this in mind, here are some eco-friendly modern living room décor ideas that will help you achieve the interior design of your dreams, whilst keeping your sustainability values perfectly intact.


Buy pre-loved, or shop circular


One of the best ways of reducing your carbon footprint and supporting sustainability is to purchase pre-loved furniture and home accessories. Vintage bargains abound, and as well as doing your bit for Mother Earth by reducing demand for new, you’re also likely to save money too.

If you’re replacing furniture or accessories, think before you throw anything out. Can it be reused, recycled or gifted? Maybe a friend might want to give it a loving new home, or a charity could benefit from it.

You could also consider adopting a circular shopping approach. Choose a retailer that runs a return and reuse program, so that anything you buy now can be put back into the retail system either for recycling, refurbishment, repair or composting once you’re done with it.

This is where what you buy is designed and manufactured with waste reduction in mind, making it easy for you to repurpose, recycle or put the item back into the retail system in some other way once you’re done with it, rather than dispose of it.


Be materials wise


Before you buy something, think about what it’s made from. Is it a sustainable material, such as wood, paper or glass? Aim where you can to avoid plastic or non-biodegradable goods, because these will only add to the growing landfill problem.

When purchasing wood-based products, opt for Forest Stewardship Council certified timber. The FSC tree/tick logo will provide you with reassurance that the wood has been sustainably sourced according to the 10 FSC principles.

When it comes to linens, try to source items made using natural fibres, preferably organic. Bamboo or hemp are good options. Whilst these will initially cost a little more than synthetic options, they will last a lot longer.


Avoid VOCs


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are present in a host of household products, including paint and fragranced candles.

VOCs are known for releasing toxic emissions into the atmosphere for prolonged periods of time, sometimes several years. Painting your walls may give them a fresh, new lease of life, but if the paint contains VOCs, you could be exposing you, your visitors and the planet to nasty chemicals for years to come.

Look for low or zero-VOC or non-toxic paints, and choose natural candles made from the likes of beeswax or soy, and scented using essential oils rather than chemicals.


Ditch the carpet


Most modern living room décor ideas will showcase natural flooring, and with good reason.

Carpet can be packed with chemicals and pollutants which are harmful not only to the planet during manufacturing, but also to the occupants of a home. Carpet needs to be replaced way more often than natural, hardwearing flooring such as real wood or stone too, meaning it will be more likely to contribute to the growing waste problem.


Seek out handmade


Handmade furniture and home accessories are a wonderful way to support local craftspeople. Plus, by cutting out mass manufacturing and instead choosing traditional methods of construction, you are doing your bit to reduce energy consumption.

What’s more, handmade items tend to last longer than things that come off production lines, with more care put in at every step. With a longer lifespan, your item will serve you, or its next owner, well beyond a mass produced item that would probably by now be languishing in landfill.


Modern living room décor ideas, courtesy of Kola Project


Searching for quality home accessories to complement the latest living room décor styles? Take a look at what Kola Project has to offer.

Kola Project was founded in response to the global waste crisis and forms the world’s first fully circular shopping experience. Based on a return and reuse program, Kola Project’s scheme means that when you buy from their range of premium quality, sustainable household products, you can enjoy total peace of mind that what you’re buying can be returned for repair, recycling, refurbishment, recycling or composting, at any point, regardless of how long you’ve had it.

Why not start your circular shopping experience today, and create your very own sustainable living room décor style?

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