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Step 1 – Circular Design

Simple, timeless homeware and furniture, designed with the future in mind.

Our products are designed as a system—simple, versatile shapes that will work together effortlessly, year after year. They are made from the highest quality, most sustainable materials we can find. Furthermore, they are designed with the waste component minimized or completely removed. So every product we sell can be sent back to us and turned into new products.

Step 2 – Second life through repair, reuse and refurbish

Used pieces in perfect condition are resold through our Return to Reuse Program.

The Return to Reuse Program allows you to send back any items you’ve purchased from Kola Project. Whether you are moving, redecorating, running out of space, or if the item breaks, the reason doesn’t matter. We will arrange with you to either ship the item or schedule a collection.  Once the item gets to the Kola Project facility, we give it an environmentally friendly cleaning and resell those in perfect condition. Our team finds innovative ways to reimagine the imperfect ones, so your products will never end up in a landfill.

Step 3 – Worn-and-torn pieces, transformed into one-of-a-kind designs.

Any items we get that are damaged beyond repair or remanufacturing, we deconstruct them into their original raw materials and stitches them back together to create a new product. This process can turn used curtains, napkins, and towels into sofa and cushion fillings. And used wooden table can become a magnificent set of sustainably built solid wooden hangers. Broken glass can become beautiful artwork. 

Starting from Step 1: Circular Design has given us the ability to remake these products again and again and again.

How are we different?

The homeware and furniture economy is a linear economy where we take resources and turn them into waste. Lowering impact or doing less slows that down, but it doesn’t change the outcome. Every year collectively, we buy millions of pieces of homeware and furniture from linear economy stores such as IKEA and Wayfair. Every year we discard equally as much if not more. Some of these items get burned, but most of them are buried in landfills that are rapidly overtaking our planet.  

It’s time we begin our purchases by thinking about the end. If what you’re buying today will end up in a landfill one day, think twice and switch to circular.




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